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"Hmmm...let's see here - Berlyn jobs cleanly to a guy who's biggest singles match in the last 5 years was probably a Worldwide main event, Benoit jobs to Steiner, Sid's coming out of the PPV without taking a pin and with as big a push as ever, and Bret taps out cleanly a month before he's probably main eventing a PPV. Wasn't the booking supposed to get *better* once Russo came aboard?"

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WWE Heat
September 22, 2002
Live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA
Written by: The Cubs Fan

One Year Ago, we had a whole bunch of Unforigiven Hype. Regal allowed Angle to compete despite not getting medically cleared. Hurricane declared Mario Lemieux to be a phony superhero. and Stephanie got interview time for no clear reason. Our warmup match was Billy Gunn vs Tommy Dreamer, which did as well as could be expected.

TV 14 DLV entertainment open

We're live in LA, CA. First WWE PPV in the Staples Center, and they just opened the door (looks completely empty inside.) Your hosts are D'Lo and Coach. D'Lo would like to start the party off right, start the party quickly - tonight, Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero on Heat (who would seem to be part of the other brand). First match hype goes to RVD/HHH for the World Title. Brock vs Taker for the WWE Title. Let's play Undertaker's Desire video (2:12)

Moments ago, Undertaker drove into the building. Coming up later - Rey vs Chavo. Break.

About 1/20th full so far - Coach and D'Lo make the first of many "crowd is late but will be full" comments of the night. Other matches tonight - Angle/Benoit. Actually, we'll just talk about it and how we got there. (1:52)

When we come back, D'Lo is helpfully reading the RAW Magazine with Angle on the cover. D'Lo slips in You Ain't Keeping It Real. Coming up later - Rey vs Chavo. Break.

Slim Jim Low Blow Lesbian of the Week.

Talking about that tag match it sets up - that Slim Jim "Eat me" tag line could take on whole knew meanings. And here are clips of Eric on an annoyingly bad TV show. (:43)

Moving on, big eight man tag. Yep.

Backstage, Terri talks to the Un-Americans - their opponents are all that's wrong with America. I guess they've given up on burning the flag? LA sucks. I think the point of the interview was to make Terri look really short.

Coach says "For once, I'm happy to be hear in Los Angeles" and I wonder what's that about. Buy the PPV. Rey vs Chavo later. Break.

Here's the Jeff Hardy Desire bit for absolutely no reason. (1:57)

I'd say 20% to 25% full now. Plug for the CD. Rundown of the card: HHH/RVD for the World, Jericho/Flair for the IC, 8 Man Tag, Molly/Trish for the Women's Title (D'Lo says this feud's been going a year), Interpromotional Match, Edge/Eddie, Angle/Benoit, Taker/Brock for the WWE (Coach: "the Next Big Stud" - I don't think they know what that word means to normal people.) D'Lo muses about HLA but we go to the back...

...where Chavo and Eddie are talking. Eddie: "I'm proud of you, man." "Proud of me?" "You know what man, the way you got the camera last week and you hit Rikishi-" "That's right." "-you got the one two three esse. You know what you showed me homes?" "What?" "[Spanish] In other words, you got whatever it takes, homes." "You know what - later on Heat, I'm really going to show you I'm a Guerrero, against Rey Mysterrrrrrrrrio!" "[Spanish? I can't think.]" "And I have you to thank for that, Eddie, you know why? Do you remember our Cheat To Win episode?" "Of course I do vato!" "On Smackdown - you remember when you took his head off with a that chair?" "Yea [I think?] If you think that was bad, wait to see how I finish the job off tonight!" "Show me baby." "Hahaha" Break.

For a second there, I thought they were gonna pull together about 4 years of Chavo storylines on Heat but that was kinda silly.

Castrol GTX IC Title Change of Monday - this replay looks like Jericho, if anyone, was hurt by Triple H's interference.

Backstage, Terri talks to Ric Flair - the crowd doing Woos drowns on half of Terri's question: "Terri, there's no doubt in my mind that I can compete on the highest level capable of competing in this sport. This is the greatest sport in the world - I wouldn't be here, and I wouldn't allow myself to walk down that aisle if I didn't think I could compete at the highest level. Two, I want to remember everyone, including Chris Jericho, that I made him tap out last month. And number three, tonight, any doubt in anyone's mind, the Nature Boy will be back and he will be the new InterContinetial champion. WOOO!"

Let's look at a graphic - why didn't they pull Jericho aside the moment he came into the building and have him shoot a graphic wearing the belt? Sloppy. Moving on, there's the RVD/HHH match. And a video package (1:54)

Coach brutally segues to a plug of the Seattle Wrestlemania XIX (as indicated by the graphic) Press Conference Thursday morning. Coming up next - Chavo vs Rey. Break.

It's starting to look decent inside. Tickets still available for RAW tomorrow night. That's it for those two

Chavo Guerrero (6) vs Rey Mysterio (5)

your announcers are Cole and Tazz, who remember when this used to be their show. "MTV, more Tazz victims!" Cole says this is "one night only!" which as close as you get to an explanation. The guys setting up Rey's entrance get into the crowd shot too soon and you can see them as Chavo walks the aisle. Rey slaps hands with about half the audience on the way to his ring, stopping to say hi to a guy who bought his shirt. Everyone and ringside gets something - first bumps for Tazz and Cole. No love for the Spanish announcers - he's not representing, he's not KEEPING IT REAL! I'd like Chavo to punk him out here but I don't think he's going to do that. Wow, we have a lot of time. Circle. Lockup, Rey with an armdrag. Check out the contacts. Circle. Lockup, Chavo with a waistlock, Rey with a go behind, Chavo with an armdrag. Crowd with a loud "Chavo Sucks" chant. Lockup - no Chavo with a kick, armbar, shot to the left shoulder, shot the left shoulder. Twisting the wrist - Rey gets to the ropes, and uses it to flip into a reversal (you could've just waited for the break, dude) but Chavo stops him with a kick. Headlock, crank, Rey with elbows to break, shoots Chavo into the ropes and Chavo comes back with a shoulder. Off the ropes, over, under, rolling over the monkey flip m, missing the clothesline. Rey off the ropes, hiptoss try by Chavo is reversed into a bodyscissors armdrag by Rey. Chavo nearly baseball slides a photographer. Rey tries to follow up with a right, right, but Chavo ends that with a knee. Kick. Side bearhug, Rey elbows out, Off the ropes, Chavo goes for a waistlock but Rey drops down and Chavo goes out. Rey getting speed - baseball slide headscissors! Rey is pumped, Chavo is out of it. Rey picks up Chavo and throws him back in. Tazz throws Cole off in the middle of his mask speech. Rey going up, plancha but Chavo hits the dropkick. Rey has the win knocked out of him and Chavo is working him with kicks - here's a replay. Right, right, right all to the ribs. Another. Whip, flapjack. One two no. Don't see many people working on the ribcage but it seems like a worthwhile idea. Abdominal stretch - is Chavo gonna reach? He needs to move it and turn first - but there you go. Referee Mike Sparks doesn't see the first time, doesn't seem the second time, but Chavo isn't very sneaky the third time. Chavo doesn't let go and Sparks doesn't force a hold break, but that's okay, as Rey reverses into a cross body press for one two no. Looked like Chavo was trying a move and Rey was counting, but I didn't know what move he could be trying. Chavo up with rights to the stomach, kick. Whip, no Rey grabs the ropes to block so Chavo works him over with a punch an European Uppercut. Choke. Whip, flapjack but this time Rey lands on his feet - dropkick to the knee. Rey is slow up himself up though - off the ropes and right into Chavo's kneelift. Chavo takes a moment to compose himself - kinda limping from that dropkick. Stomping. Powerbomb? No, it's the over the shoulder backbreaker to hand Rey up in the corner - dropkick to the back! Chavo poses and the fans aren't too pleased with him. Cover with forearm one two no. Snap mare, chinlock. Tazz compliments Cole on a segue - it was kinda good. Rey elbowing out - off the ropes, into a powerslam but Rey rolls through (eventually - got halfway there in the air and there was a slight pause before they got it straightened out) into a small package for one two no. Chavo up first, kick to the ribs, Rey's whipped into the corner ribs first, forearm to the back on the rebound. Chavo puts him on the top rope, shot to the back, Chavo goes up behind him - he's untying the mask? Crowd does not dig and Rey tries to escape with back elbows - even after about five, Chavo falls to the floor - moonsault bodyblock one two NO! Whip, Chavo gets the ropes, Rey charges, Chavo flips him, Rey lands on the apron, Chavo forearms him hard to the floor. Chavo throws Rey back in, going to the apron but another dropkick to the knee to knocks him to the floor - Springboard Thesz Press! Rey throws Chavo back in as we watch a replay. Corner whip, reversed, Chavo charges to Rey's boots. Rey goes for the bodyscissors powerbomb (from Last Thursday) but Chavo has it scouted and flips Rey forward (like Shocker always does to Ultimo Guerrero) and Rey's head meets turnbuckle. Over the shoulderbreaker - and sit down for impact! One two NO. I need a better name for that. Chavo a bit slow following up - then going for a double wristlock hold to cover but Rey gets his arm at one - trying again and almost going into a full headstand for leverage, but Rey rolls it into a monkey flip, Chavo holds onto the wristlocks and pulls Rey up, Rey uses the momentum to pop up into a 'rana, Chavo pushes him off but Rey hits a jumping spin kick. Chavo lands on the ropes - so Rey hits the 619! West Coast Pop one two three. (8:59) Not bad at all - too bad they couldn't think of a good reason to have it. Replays of the 619 and the West Coast Pop.

Undertaker/Brock video package (4:00) and that's it.

The Cubs Fan
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