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Clerks II (not that it's in theaters anymore, but spoilers)

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Iron Chad

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 1:05 pm    Post subject: Clerks II (not that it's in theaters anymore, but spoilers) Reply with quote

Frank killed the old board before I had a chance to see this and chime in, so here I go.

I agree with the general (jdw's) consenus that this was a movie good for little more than a few laughs. Actually after reading some folks take on it, I actually expected more laughs than I got. No way is this better than Clerks, not that anyone here said that, but I've seen it several times.


Elias - I was waiting to hate him, but I ended up really enjoying his character and punchlines. I've known so many Transformers/Rings dorks over the years, Smith did a good job of creating them. The Pussy Troll is going to be a popular punchline in my house for awhile.

Jay & Silent Bob - At least Silent Bob's gimmick is not to talk, and Smith can mug on a Cosbyesque scale. Jay was really good IMO and I liked what they did with them. Born Again Jay was a scream.

Randal - While he's not a professional actor, he can do Randal well and he did him very well, I thought. He even pointed out stuff I was thinking like, why are these two chicks fighting over Dante?

The various gags, the Porch Monkey sketch while cringe-worthy (especially with six people of color directly behind me saying, "I want my money back" when I'm trying to stifle laughter) was funny and most of the Donkey Show stuff was good too, even though it went a bit long. I liked the Star Wars v. Rings stuff, even with the crack at the second trilogy, mainly because Randal didn't defend it, but went on to the next crack. Jason Lee was great too. Nice use of Affleck, I barely noticed him.

Rosario Dawson - I'm not the biggest fan of hers, but she did a good job with what she had to work with. Her smile is too toothy, but her lucious cans even it out, I suppose.

The ending - Except for why Jay and Bob are rich (see below), about as good as you could do. I have a soft-spot for Soul Asylum, so I even dug the use of "Misery" at the end as the lyrics go well with Dante and Randal's journey. I also liked Jay and Bob and the Clerks coming to a detente.


Smith's wife - Bad as a blonde, OK fake cans, but hard to look at. Nothing in the acting department, stuff with her and Dante was brutal. Thanks jdw for pointing out how skinny she is, I could barely enjoy the fake can shot because of her ribs.

Dante - May have regressed acting-wise since Clerks I. He's like a babyface that's near impossible to root for.

The "plot" - It's been said how razor-thin it is. I also had some nitpicky stuff like, why not put in a line about Justice instead of just leaving us to guess what Jay's shirt says? And how do Jay and Bob have $50,000 to loan Randal and Dante to buy the Quick Stop? All we know in Clerks II is that Jay and Bob just returned from 6 months in rehab. Sure, they are drug slingers, but you can't sling from rehab. Of course the answer is, movie royalites from "Bluntman and Chronic", but they should've put a line in for people who jumped off the Smith train after Clerks and only returned for the sequel. Smith assumes too often his audience is solely dorks like me who've seen all his movies (except Jersey Girl) more than once and know the characters inside and out. That isn't always the case as many folks in my screening (last Friday night 10:00) didn't get everything, and only a few lines here and there would've cleared it all up, which is just sloppy moviemaking.

All in all, at least it was funny, which in the end is all I want from a Smith flick, so I wasn't pissed, but it's clear to me unless Smith's next project is the Clerks animated movie, I doubt whatever he does next is going to be worth watching.

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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 1:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The thread on the old board is here:

(spoilers) At the movies: Clerks2 & Pirates2 again

The old boards are accessable from the right hand menus.

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