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Treme Season 2

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Tim Cooke

Joined: 10 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:33 am    Post subject: Treme Season 2 Reply with quote

Figured I would start with this instead of bumping last years thread.

Thought that this past weekends episode was one of the strongest of the season, especially in advancing story lines. I'm a David Simon fan boy, so I'm fine with slow burning stories that sometimes are nothing more than what happens in real life. But like the penultimate episodes of The Wire, it always nice to see stories pick up steam. Albert and Delmond in NYC, Janette rushing home to try to help Jacques, Davis' band as and the comparison between what he is doing and what Antoine is doing were all highlights.

I'm always a little confused when people talking about nothing going on. Maybe I'm conditioned to this style of storytelling but even things like the school band that Antoine is teaching entertains me and will eventually lead somewhere, but people just aren't patient for pay off these days.
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Joined: 03 Jun 2011
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Really liked “Carnival Time” episode.

Tim talks about the slow pacing of Treme and the sense that there is "nothing going on" But holidays make us aware of the passage of time. And the Mardi Gras episode really had the feel of going to a family Thanksgiving where you suddenly realize “Holy shit a lot has happened in the last year even if I didn’t notice it as it was happening”.

The Mardi Gras episode made you really aware of how much had changed for the characters since last Mardi Gras: Sonny who had the debauched Mardi Gras last season having the sober one this season; McAlary, as selfish douche with a heart of gold who last season didn’t take advantage of Annie, and this season has Annie intuit that he wouldn’t take care of Sofia; all of the Sofia/Toni interactions at Mardi Gras vs their interactions last season, Janette trying to drunkenly create a magic taxi v eating at Eric Ripert’s, the difference between the relationship between Delmond and Albert Lambreaux last season vs this one, etc.

I’ve done some extra work, so knew where the Delmond is searching for a “sound” story was going to end. Still I thought the “You put the peanut butter in my chocolate! No, you put the chocolate in my peanut butter!” moment of discovery was really well done. Rob Brown isn’t as good as Wendell Pierce when it comes to acting like he’s playing an instrument. But he has been really awesome at acting like a guy listening to music searching for meaning and answers.

The police storyline this season hasn’t interested me a ton. It has felt to me like they are rehashing a bunch of the concepts about what encourages good v bad policework from the Wire (with the “Let the French Quarter be the French Quarter” speech being the functional equivalent of the invention of the paper bag speech). That said, David Morse is a fantastic actor and this was the first episode where I just got caught up in his character and forgot about the comparison with the Wire storylines.

John Seda isn’t David Morse and I can’t get caught up in his character. But if they’re going to building sections of the show around him, I appreciate them at least treating him and the audience to a new pair of young breasts each episode.

So really great episode. It’s been a weird season, where I am absolutely loving all the New York City stuff. I am almost hoping Delmond and Janette never return (kind of wishing for the NYC spin off). I am especially liking all the kitchen stuff, which is a world I know nothing about. I know there are a bunch of people here who are fans of Anthony Bourdain’s Tv show and books. My understanding is that Bourdain has been writing all the New York restaurant stuff, wondering what people’s thoughts on those scenes were.
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