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Tod Gordon YouShoot Review

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Yakuza Rich

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:40 pm    Post subject: Tod Gordon YouShoot Review Reply with quote

Kayfabe Commentaries did a 'YouShoot' with Tod Gordon. This is a bit different from the ECW Timeline Series where the participant conducts a shoot interview, but it is confined to the particular year in question. With the YouShoot series they shoot on basically anything under the sun.

Where the lesser YouShoot's fail is when the subject is too apprehensive with discussing certain matters, can't remember the details, isn't good at telling a story or they are trying to work the audience and Kayfabe Commentaries or they just don't have much to say. Outside of forgetting some details, Gordon was able to avoid those pitfalls and expand much further upon his ECW Timeline Series.

The falling out between him and Heyman had to do with ECW expanding from SportsChannel Philadelphia to the Sunshine Network (Florida Sports station) and the Madison Square Garden network. Each cost $3k per week and Gordon was able to secure the advertising dollars in Philadelphia to pay for the SportsChannel Philadelphia fee. Gordon told Heyman the company didn't have the money for the Sunshine Network and MSG and Heyman convinced him that he had advertising backers for both and in the end, he was lying and that broke up the relationship.

He discussed the problems with the business model of wrestling. It relies on television (now you can use the internet which is far less expensive) and it relies on PPV's. The PPV companies take 3-4 months to pay off and require a hefty deposit 2-3 months prior to the PPV.

Gordon debunked a lot of rumors, particularly ones with regards to 'mortgaging his home' for wrestling and how his store was robbed.

He gets into the gaudy details of the infamous Travel Lodge and his thoughts on the wrestlers he worked with. He had very few negative words to say about any wrestlers and said that the locker room was so good when he ran the locker room that he could only recall 1 rib pulled and that was to the Rockin' Rebel (which was a very funny story).

He did say that Sabu was wrong for no-showing the Double Tables show. While that may seem insensitive, at the same time he said one of the biggest arguments he ever had with Heyman was when he wanted to prevent Sabu from going to WCW where he was going to get a $300k/year contract versus making $75k in ECW.

Gordon explains his role as the 'mole' which was really just a go-between for wrestlers trying to get feelers from the WWF and WCW at the time. He said that The Public Enemy had never been in that situation before and were afraid to have it blow up in their face and no company wanting them. So they asked Tod to work as the go-between since he has plenty of real business negotiation experience.

He seemed a bit lukewarm on Joey Styles which surprised me. Most people I knew in the company and having dealt with Joey myself...generally liked the guy. There was definitely some tension between the Philly guys and the NY guys and perhaps Styles being a NY guy put-off Gordon.

He did bring up going points on The Public Enemy in how unusual their gimmick really was. While plenty of others have done the 'white gangster hip hop' gimmick, TPE had a strange way of making it work where they could be heels and faces and make their promos funny and then dead serious and it made them well received by the fans.

He had a deep respect for Nancy Sullivan and said she was one of the brightest minds in the business. Actually liked working with New Jack and had a great respect for Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman as wrestlers because they would lose all of the time and had no problem doing the job. He did say that practically any wrestler that was not under WWF or WCW contract at that time asked for a job in ECW.

His relationship with Heyman is still a complex one and it's apparent that he's dropped out of the business all together as there were so many rumors that were well known that he had no clue about. He was continually gracious to the fans throughout the interview and said that he's still taken aback today when he hears 'ECW' chants.

And it appears he will be doing a 'Guest Booker' show in the future which I look forward to.

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