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Star Wars Spoilers Thread SPOILERS HERE ONLY
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Steve Yohe

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've seen the movie three times in theaters.....and last week I spent a night watching the Blue Ray. A good friend of old guy. Had watched it & talked to me about it. He hated it. Mostly any plot involving Luke & Fisher.

I'm accepting what they (mainly Johnson) did with it. I think it has major pacing & editing problems. Mostly any of the island stuff just drags & everything about Luke bores the shit out of me.

But watching it, I can see why some people liked it. Some of the things I disliked, were because I had already passed judgement on the movie. And it plays better on TV. The fight in the throne room between Rey & Kylo and Snoke's body guards is actually very good. In fact, I don't know how they did it. So good stunt work, but I don't think that's Johnson's department.

Still killing off of the main heal Snoke was terrible....but I think he'll be back in one of the movie down the line. He might even be in the Han Solo movie. They'll reveal his past then. On the DVD, Johnson avoids Snoke's I think he'll be the major heel in one of their off shoots of the Star War movies.

Going in...there was two things I wanted out of the movie...I wanted to find out Snoke's history, and I wanted to learn more about Rey's parents. (Not all, just enough to tease what was going to be resolved in #9) The stuff made up about Rey waiting alone on a planet for her people to return...made my eyes...idealistic. I liked that. But this movie just threw all of that storyline away. Like it was too complicated, so we'll just past over it.

Johnson seem to be a hog & wanted everything in his movie, because nothing is saved for #9. The war is pretty much over...for both sides...Luke is dead...Rey will never be a true Jedi. Han is dead, Luke is dead (with a huge opening for a return), and Lea is really dead. I think Lea was supposed to be the driver of the ship that crashs into the Snoke's ship....but the producers wanted one of the Lucas characters saved for Johnson had to create another rebel leader to die. I think there was other limits put on Snoke's history & Ray's mother & father.

Kylo was turned back & now that's all he can be... a weak heel, who makes stupid decisions & gets his ass kicked by girls. He can never become the Vader in #3. Hux is just comic relief in the movie.

Johnson tried to take everything for his movie. There is no reason for #9.

J. J. Abrams & Kasdam will be doing the last one....they are traditionists...and will be fixing up the Johnson stuff. The introducing of the idea of the Jedi being the real problem thru out history, will be dumped & the whole movie will be they can have a happy group shot at the end of #9....with all the dead characters waving good bye to the fans. You see "No one ever really dies" in the Star War world.

I was a big fan of the first two movie.. years ago.....but Return Of The Jedi was terrible & also a mess like The Last Jedi. So I wrote it off then.

I guarantee there will be more Jedi's & they will be good guys.---Steve Yohe
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2018 10:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Our company had a "May The 4th Be With You" day on Friday. We've done it the last three years, each time showing the new Star Wars movie across an extended lunch time.

I try to schedule my break to catch the last hour of the movie. Timed it pretty much perfectly and got down there when Kylo brought Rey to Snoke.

"You had no place in this story... You come from nothing." remains one of my favorite lines in the entire sage of Star Wars movies.

Still love the run to the finish. Killing Snoke, that line, the Dark Side Blue Balls moment, the awesome Holdo Maneuver, Luke and Leia's moment, Luke vs Kylo, awesome touches like seeing the Falcon's shadow before we actually see the Flacon, Rey's moment lifting the stones, Luke's sacrafice while letting Kylo know he'll see him around... just a really fab run to the finish.
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