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Baba/Andre vs. Kawada/Misawa

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Yakuza Rich

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:13 pm    Post subject: Baba/Andre vs. Kawada/Misawa Reply with quote

There's some really great handheld footage of Andre the Giant/Baba vs. Misawa/Kawada on YouTube.

I hate the bag on the modern wrestlers, but many of them were influenced by Misawa and Kawada and were influence by the wrong things. And the critics of Misawa and Kawada (and puroresu in general) get to see here that they were more than just guys dropping each other on their head and stiffing the shit out of each other.

Andre is at his last legs here and it shows badly. In fact, it's just rough to watch...not from a pure wrestling standpoint...but watching a guy that is about a year away from passing away.

Instead, Baba has to play a role in carrying the match and he's a month away from turning 54 years old at this point.

But the brilliance in the psychology and having to work around Andre who is borderline useless and Baba's limitation is key here.

I come from the David Simon belief that one of the dumbest statements ever said is to 'do more with less.' You do less with less. That's why they call it 'less.'

But pro wrestling is a different animal and that's part of the fakeness of the can really do more with less...more often than not.

That's what I miss about AJPW back in these days. Nobody did more with less than AJPW in this era. This was a classic Old Guards vs. Young Lions story and they get the crowd into it by the Old Guards having clean breaks showing respect for the Young Lions, but the Young Lions not returning the favor as Kawada throws a few hard slaps at Baba. I can't imagine Andre would have liked that.

And then it becomes about the quickness and speed of the Young Lions vs. the size and experience of the Old Guard. And the crowd is into the damn thing the entire way...and so was I.

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