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Toy Story 3

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Midline Shift

Joined: 22 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:17 pm    Post subject: Toy Story 3 Reply with quote

Caught Toy Story 3 tonight. It's getting terrific reviews, with good reason because I thought it was freaking fantastic, the best of the three Toy Story films and not far from Monsters, Nemo, and Up as my favorite Pixar flick. Lots of neat references to the previous films. Mr. Tortilla Head and El Buzz cracked me up. Typical Pixar heartwarming ending as well. The 3-D added absolutely nothing, but whatever. Love love loved it.

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Bob Morris

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Figured this thread needed to be revived. :)

I got all three Toy Story DVDs for Christmas, so it was my first chance to see the third film (never saw it in theaters as it came to the local theater the same week it was my vacation).

I agree that the third film was the best of the Toy Story films. In watching the first two, there's good material, but with the first, they were doing a feeling-out process, so to speak, with the story they told. The second story took another step toward a more sophisticated tale.

This one had the best story telling of them all... the whole tale about how we all must grow up sometime and how hard it can be to begin that next chapter of your life.

There were a lot of elements that were taken from the previous two films that were incorporated into the third one. It's not being done just simply to make a joke, but they are used to tie in with the main story. It's truly a neat experience to see how those little elements are put in.

The Spanish version of Buzz is terrific, ditto for Ken (whose character is really aimed at the adults, but done in a way that the kids can laugh). Lotso Huggs Bear was certainly not your typical antagonist... he was portrayed in a way that you could sympathize with him a bit, even as you want to root against him.

The ending is very moving... it got me a bit choked up, just as Up did with its twist toward the end.

Toy Story 3 is one of those rare instances in which a franchise is ended on a strong note. You usually don't find the third movie in a franchise being that good, but Pixar's staff did a heck of a job putting together a great storyline that wraps things up.

I haven't seen John or Steve comment on the movie yet. Love to hear what they have to say... this may be the best movie Pixar has done yet. And it makes me interested as to how they are going to do Cars 2, and if they can pull off that sequel as well as they've done with the two Toy Story sequels.
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Doesn't look like I wrote anything about it here... must have just been on fb.

I liked it a good deal. Very well crafted sequel, tying in nicely to the prior ones as you say. I think it's less "story" for much of the movie, and instead "adventure". It does adventure very well. The end busted me up as well, pretty much a fitting close (and hopefully they avoid another sequel.

I liked that they were adding strong characters even in the third movie. Ken was fantastic, Barbie was excellent, Lotso Huggs Bear was a quality heel.

I like TS-1 the best for establishing the characters and themes of the films, and having a strong storyline. It just seemed magical at the time, whereas this one felt like the typical Pixar movie: really well crafted and thought out films. TS-1, Monsters, Nemo, Incredibles, Up... those had something magical, each in different way.

I love Pixar movies. Even something like Cars that people thought was too long, and took it's time in getting where it was going... I liked it with those being selling points. :)

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