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A night in Hollywood with Steve McQueen

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Steve Yohe

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:53 pm    Post subject: A night in Hollywood with Steve McQueen Reply with quote

Steve McQueen is my idol and he was the coolest man to ever live. Last night I drove my blue Mini-Cooper from wonderful Montebello, the city by the Rio Hondo, to the Cinerama Dome on Sunset & Vine in Hollywood to be part of the 30 year anniversary of Steve McQueen’s death, a tribute presented by the Jules Verne Festival and the showing of the movie “Bullitt”. I got there for the 6:00 start at 5:00 because I am always early for everything. It really didn’t start until 7:00 because Steve Queen’s family and the cast members of the movie had to make an appearance outside. So I stood in line with a producer/writer, who was having trouble selling his latest movie, and a crazed fan from France, who seemed to go to all the Hollywood events & knew tons of stuff.

After we were let in we sat in our seats for a long time. 45 mins to an hour. I sat next to a old guy who had long hair and looked like a prospector from the TV show “Deadwood”. I thought he was someone’s father. After about 15 mins talking, I realized he was a famous mural artist. A person, who later ended up on stage & looked like a city councilman, started shaking his hand telling him what a great job he had done on the Steve McQueen mural. The old guy told me it was two stories high (located on 12th and something). Turns out he had been doing murals in Los Angeles for over 20 years or more. He had done 3 for the Olympics, years ago, overlooking the freeway. He wasn’t a name dropper but we got talking about past events at the Cinerama Dome & I told my Chuck Heston story. Heston had been present at a showing of El Cid unannounced and signed autographs for fans before the movie. Gave an intro to the film, stood around with everyone during intermission and shook hands with everyone as they left. Heston was the last man to leave the theater. He was a wonderful guy. The old guy told me he was there that night and knew Chuck, having done work for him. He said he once spent two days with Heston at his famous house in the Hollywood hills. Then he said, after I bugged him, he also knew Michael Jackson. He said Jackson was great to him & used to call him (just like Heston). Seems he worked on a mural at Jackson’s ranch. I loved talking to the old guy & he seemed just like a working class guy. Later he got introduced from the stage & they had him stand up. I hear his name four times but I can’t remember it.

There was a lot of interviews of the cast members of Bullitt. They interviewed Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Vaughn, and composer Lalo Schifrin. A lot of fun stuff & stories were told about McQueen. The family was then brought up, including Chad McQueen & first wife Nelle McQueen & a bunch of kids (some had blonde hair like Steve). (Ali MacGraw was promised but no showed.) Awards were given out and more talked followed. More Steve Queen stories & cool stuff.

Then they showed a fresh copy of “Bullitt”. I’ll seen the movie 70 time, maybe 12 in a theater, but I paid $25 to watch it again last night…and it was great.

After it was over, at about 11:30, I didn’t watch the credits like I normally do (because I was hungry & wanted to beat the crowd into the parking lot), so I left. I almost bumped into Jacqueline Bisset. She was right next to me, trying to find something in her purse. I thought she would be looking old, but she was as beautiful and as gorgeous as ever. I had been in love with her in every movie I’ve ever seen her in. I love her voice & class. I walked behind her and she seemed very tall, from the high heel shoes, and her shoulders seemed wide for a woman but she was not fat in any way. A dumpy fan came up to her, as she continued to play with her purse, and asked her for an autograph. She said “of course”. And they stopped in the lobby, as I passed by. She was very sweet to the guy & he looked like shit. She just seemed wonderful, just like I thought she wound be.

Inside it seemed she was to be in a hurry to leave, but it took me 20 minutes to get out of the parking area, and as my mini-copper pasted by the front of the Dome…there she was..possing for photos with fans all around her.---Steve Yohe
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