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Kayfabe Commentaries - R&R Express

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Yakuza Rich

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 4:55 pm    Post subject: Kayfabe Commentaries - R&R Express Reply with quote

I really enjoy the Timeline Series of shoot interviews from KC. If you haven't seen them before, it's a shoot interview with former wrestlers/managers/bookers/etc. but it's in a timeline format for a particular year with a particular company. They will start from January and chronologically mention certain things that happened on those dates (i.e. shows, how much they drew, who won the main event, wrestlers fired, quitting or getting injured, outside stuff happening like court cases, arrests, etc). The guest then gives their thoughts on the subject and will often go off with stories and their opinions on other subjects.

The host, Sean Oliver, is really tremendous. I'm surprised that somebody else has not tried to pick him up because he's that good of an interviewer. And I don't mean the WWE or RoH or TNA, I'm talking about somebody looking for an interviewer in any line of work. He's really that good. A lot of people have raved about Howard Stern's interviewing skills particularly because he's known as a 'shock jock', but he's a legitimately good interview at the same time. But, Oliver is far better at interviewing than Stern and I can't give the guy enough credit.

Anyway, this timeline featured the R&R Express. Ricky does most of the talking while Robert chimes in. Some interesting tidbits:

- They really didn't like Dusty. And they are convinced, with good evidence to back them up, that Dusty tried to shut down the R&R Express. Remember, this is 1986 and they showed instances (both Ricky and Robert) where Dusty wanted them out or killed off or at least cooled down.

They said that Dusty told them point blank that they were never going to draw a full house without him again after drawing a full house at a house show. That Dusty tried to split them apart, but they refused and Dusty wanted them to get their hair shave in a hair vs. hair match with some other team. And I have to say...I believe them after the evidence they showed. This to me is an insanely poor decision on Dusty's part.

- The idea to buy the private $11 million jet (remember, this is 1986 $11 million)...was Dusty's.

- They were not impressed with Magnum TA (who I loved as a kid). I'm guessing they didn't like him too much because of his association with Dusty. They felt that Magnum couldn't hold the world's title. However, part of the reasoning is that the real money is in the babyface going after the title, not the babyface having the title. I agree in that regard, but I have always felt that Vince's advantage was that he kept the babyface as the champ and that is a better business model in the end...much like the Die Hard movie franchise. The fans come to have a happy ending and they know that in the end, John McClain will come out victorious. But, they also come to see him face new enemies that put him into peril and he figures a way to get out of it, kick some ass and end up triumphant.

- Great story of the R&R vs. ME that was scripted to go 60 minutes with the time running out. But the timekeeper wasn't smart to the business and didn't want the R&R to lose, so he wouldn't let the time expire until the R&R won.

- They did get calls from the WWF, but they weren't interested.

- They had an A team and a B team at one point for Crockett and Dusty, of course, booked them on the B team and had Dick Murdoch (one of Dusty's friends) on the B team. Eventually, Dusty told Murdoch he was switching to the A team and Murdoch said 'what would I want to do that for, I'm drawing more money on the B team with the R&R Express main eventing.'

- Stunned by how the R&R made a lot less than people think. They made less than the ME and at one point for Starcade, Tommy Young (referee) made more than they did. They never even had a contract while the other wrestlers like Flair, ME, etc. had contracts.

The stories are really good, but Ricky is one of the best minds ever in wrestling, particularly tag wrestling and psychology. He's pretty detailed and articulate about it as well. I wasn't even the biggest R&R fan as a kid/teenager, but I could appreciate their tremendous skill and just how over they were. And it's a great shoot with not only understanding the stories, but how they worked together.

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