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Resurrection of Jake Roberts

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Yakuza Rich

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:00 pm    Post subject: Resurrection of Jake Roberts Reply with quote

I had been following the progress of Jake Roberts with DDP fairly intently after seeing the video of the amazing and awe-inspiring progress of DDP student, Arthur Boorman.

I'm a big believer in yoga and signed up for DDP Yoga about 4 years ago. Unfortunately, I've just never found the time to get into it. Hopefully, I will change that sometime in the next year or so.

I like DDP's version which uses yoga, some old school calesthenics along with using your heart rate in order to shed weight, but also feel better. I've always felt that the big issue with exercise programs and physical training is that the person often ends up becoming incredibly sore afterward and if the progress starts to plateau, it gives the student the perfect excuse to stop exercising. Or even if they are making progress...the physical soreness is too much for them.

I had discussed this with some friends of mine that are doctors and most of them agreed that there is some issue with how training programs are physically harmful and essence...soreness to the point of being in pain just to move should never happen because it's not physically healthy. This is something that DDP really stresses with his program. And over the years it has become very obvious to me the importance in health and physical importance is correlated with the flexibility of the person's spine.

After seeing Boorman's progress, it just seemed to me that there was a possibility that Jake Roberts could finally turn his life around and that's why I followed his progress.

The Resurrection of Jake Roberts
goes into this fully and shows his journey to sobriety ever week. From the first time that DDP met with Jake at his home and tried to get him to some very basic yoga positions, such as getting on the ground on all fours. Jake couldn't even manage to do that as he would get cramps in his knees, calves and toes. All the way up to Jake making his induction speech at the WWE Hall of Fame.

But the real story here is not about Jake losing weight and being able to return to the ring. It's about the highs and lows of a life long drug addict and alcoholic that has finally, legitimately wanted to be sober.

My biggest worry for Jake was that being a pro wrestler he may still think it's 1988, again and that he was going to get his shot at one more run with the WWE. That's what Jeff Conaway suffered from according to Dr. Drew Pinsky. And for a long time it appeared that Jake was headed down for the same heartbreak and Conaway in not realizing that his profession has decided to move on.

A few years ago I read Artie Lange's Too Fat to Fish where he talked about how his addiction turned him into a master of lying and deceit. I really bought into that after years of listening of Lange's issues on the Howard Stern Show. And it makes addict that shouldn't be doing drugs needs to be able to lie in order to get their fix.

Jake has alluded to this in past interviews as well as he has credited his upbringing and drug issues with forcing him to be able to lie and to be able to cut some of the greatest promos the industry has ever seen.

However, The Resurrection of Jake Roberts changed my mind on the subject as it was extremely apparent when Jake had relapsed. He would become noticeably more anxious, sensitive and defensive instead of the pleasant, thoughtful and caring Jake Roberts when he was sober. It was about as subtle as a punch to the face and Jake was not a good liar when denying he had been drinking.

I started to think that it's not really about the addict's skill for lying, but more about their loved ones desperately wanting to believe the and giving them every out possible. Others just don't want to deal with or are afraid to deal with that personality that comes out of an addict because they are ill-equipped to handle it.

Fortunately, DDP and his group was fairly well prepared to help Jake and I think this is the only time in Roberts' life where he was in a situation that the people dealing with him were not looking to punish him for a relapse and were instead trying to figure out what triggers were causing him to relapse so they could stick with Roberts and hopefully cure him of his addiction, once and for all.

Of course, the criticism has been there for DDP filming Jake during relapses and having a phone conversation with Scott Hall when Hall was badly inebriated. My friends and I have argued this many times when it comes to Dr. Pinsky and Celebrity Rehab where addicts are getting paid great money (roughly $300k for some celebrities) to be filmed. Is it exploiting an addict or is it better to exploit somebody if it helps them get the help they need?

Personally, I don't know. I'm more of a 'means to an end' type of guy...but I think there is no wrong opinion..

I just know that Roberts' transformation is literally unbelievable. He went in as a 300 pound, 59 year old man that looked like he was in his 70's...into a 240 pound man that looked like he was in his early 50's. And the same could be said for Scott Hall.

So this is your typical uplifting story type of documentary. But I think the unique twist of this is how Roberts and DDP fed off each other. Roberts helped out DDP early in his career when nobody else would and DDP helped Roberts in recovery when nobody else would. And now Roberts' success has helped DDP Yoga flourish. If that doesn't tug the heartstrings, I don't know what will.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I liked it, and including Jake's relapses was a necessary part of the story to show see how much he changed between drinking and not drinking, and how they could seemingly pop up out of nowhere even when he seemed to be on the right track were important pieces to show the public how much of a struggle it is for some people as opposed to others.
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