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John Arezzi Interview with Jim Cornette

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Yakuza Rich

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 8:45 am    Post subject: John Arezzi Interview with Jim Cornette Reply with quote

Jim Cornette has 2 different podcasts on MLW Radio. One is called The Drive Thru which is on Mondays now. This is basically a Q&A and does not include any plugs. The other podcast is The Jim Cornette Experience which talks about a variety of different wrestling and political topics and has numerous amounts of interviews with people from the wrestling industry.

Cornette is usually entertaining which is saying something as his topics and Q&A from the Drive Thru are often redundant, but he's able to add some twists and tweaks to keep my attention. He gets a lot of flak from new age wrestling fans for his railing of modern wrestling. I don't always agree with Jim, but I can almost always understand where he's coming from because the era of wrestling he grew up in and worked in consisted of things like the state of Georgia having 60,000+ unique wrestling fans paying to watch live wrestling every month. Or that he said in the mid-1980's, himself, Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton were making $250k each per year which equates to $600k in today's value.

If anything, as time goes along I start to change my mind on wrestling more towards Jim's point of view and it's hard to argue the amount of success wrestling had back in the 70's and 80's compared to today. And the future of wrestling looks very bleak.

Cornette did a 2 part interview with John Arezzi that I thought was excellent because John had an interesting 'career' in wrestling and just an interesting life in general. When I was younger, I had heard a lot about Arezzi thru the Apter mags (who should be in the WWE HoF) and such, but I think I only saw him once. He was widely lauded by wrestling fans, but he was sort of a mystery man that would come and go in wrestling and never really got into the internet wrestling boards of the 90's and 2000's.

Arezzi was a big fan of wrestling since he was 7-years old and became the head of the Freddie Blassie fan club. That's how he ended up meeting...Dr. Mike Lano.

Eventually Arezzi and Lano became friends and Lano invited him to LA and Lano was good friends with the Dawson brothers...who were the sons of Richard Dawson. That led to Lano coming to NY for the first time and then the Lano wackiness ensued which John goes into detail about.

For some reason, the McMahon's hated Arezzi. It's hard to figure out why and you wonder if Arezzi did something that he neglected to mention. But, if Vince Sr. was as petty as Vince Jr., he could be hated for no reason. John was a photographer for MSG shows and then one day he wanted to get in the ring and wrestle.

Ernie Roth (The Grand Wizard) set up John for some matches in MSG. Oh...John had never been trained before and had never even took a bump before.

His first match? In a handicap match against Dusty Rhodes. There's a YouTube video of the match and while it wasn't good, I give Arezzi credit for not being nearly as bad as I would have expected. He did say that he accidentally stiffed Dusty and Dusty told him 'kid, I'm going to teach you a lesson' and proceeded to stiff Arezzi with some shoot elbows to the head. On the video (John goes as 'John Anthony') you can see Dusty really lay those elbows into Arezzi.

After the matches (he had 2 matches), he grabbed his camera and went to shoot photos, but was told by the WWWF that he could no longer shoot photos because he had wrestled. You get the idea that Vince Sr. and Jr. set him up so they would have a reason to ban him from MSG wrestling events.

From there, Arezzi created the TV show Pro Wrestling Spotlight where he paid $1,500 per hour to the local TV station for the show. The WWF hated the show and they really hated it when the steroid trial was going on and Arezzi was going into detail as to what was going on. That's when Arezzi met....Vince Russo.

I won't go much into detail on his dealings with Russo because you can hear it on the podcast, but Russo was every bit the scumbag, liar that you always thought he was and basically caused Pro Wrestling Spotlight to get taken off the air. There's also a funny story of how Russo got together with Arezzi. Arezzi is considered to be 'patient zero' of getting Russo involved with the business, but Arezzi explains that it was Cornette that indirectly and unknowingly got Russo into the business. It was very funny to listen to Cornette's reaction.

Afterwards, Arezzi ended up getting another infamous person involved in the business....Herb Abrams. And he also got another infamous person (can't remember his name) into wrestling who had to be committed to an insane asylum because he inherited a ton of money and became the ultimate money mark.

Eventually Arezzi was fed up with the pro wrestling business and started to work in the music business, particularly in Nashville and managed and promoted country music singers and was/is very successful in doing so. He now goes by the name John Alexander.

A while ago, Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter came to him because they wanted to be on the country music television station that he worked for. He was interested in the possibility of having TNA on the station (it was later nixed by the president) and he was in Orlando for an event and Dixie brought him backstage where Arezzi got to see...Vince Russo. They hadn't spoken in about 20 years and Arezzi came up to Russo to see the look on his face. Arezzi said Russo turned white as a sheet and they were to set up some angle with Arezzi, but it was apparent that Russo had that nixed.

Overall, it was just a great interview if you were into that late 80's to early 90's of wrestling and knew of 'characters' in wrestling like Lano, Russo, Abrams, etc. Arezzi has a really good voice and cadence for these interviews and is very articulate and sharp. And much of the interview is downright hilarious. Kudos to Cornette for having him on.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I heard the Lano part of the interview and it's downright funny. If you get a chance take a listen, it's well worth the time.
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