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Universal Pictures cancels "The Hunt"

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Dave Dymond

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 9:21 pm    Post subject: Universal Pictures cancels "The Hunt" Reply with quote

Has anybody here been following this story? I guess Universal had a movie coming out very soon called "The Hunt" which basically looked like Hollywood's latest attempt to make a film out of "The Most Dangerous Game" which is a story about hunting human beings for sport. This basic plot has been used countless times over the years for movies, (Bloodlust, Hard Target, Surviving The Game, etc.) and the results are usually pretty awful.

Now Universal has pulled the film, due to outrage. What I find really strange is the nature of the outrage. Some people claim this movie is being cancelled because it's insensitive to release a movie about shooting a bunch of people in the wake of two mass shootings. But others are blaming people like Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump for this movie being banned because both campaigned against it. On social media, the controversy seemed to be coming from both sides of the political spectrum.

One one side, I saw right wing Conservative types (including President Trump who evidently has nothing more pressing to deal with) complaining about the fact that this movie was going to depict a bunch of Liberals hunting "deplorable" Conservative people for sport. So the movie needed to be banned because it was yet another example of Hollywood Liberal bias that encouraged hatred against Conservative people.

Yet on the other hand, I saw left wing Liberal people insisting this movie be banned because it will encourage mentally unhinged racist gun nut Republicans to go on even more shooting rampages and kill innocent people. So the movie needed to be banned because it would inspire racist Conservatives to murder minorities.

Also, the entire cast is apparently all white people, so the movie might be racist. A popular opinion online is that this movie is an example of a racist Hollywood double standard. Hollywood and the general public thought The Purge movies were fine because they were about randomly murdering black people, but Conservatives want this movie banned because it's about killing white people. So that's racist. The movie should be banned anyway because it would encourage more racism from the Conservatives who are racist because they want it banned.

Then I noticed that the movie does not exactly look like A-list material, and was probably going to suck anyhow. Also, Twitter is the worst place in the world. But this whole thing is really odd.
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