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Mad Dog Vachon

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PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2013 6:32 pm    Post subject: Mad Dog Vachon Reply with quote

Below is everything I've been able to find on Mad Dog Vachon over the last ten plus years. Mad Dog was a big hero of my dad and I when I was younger and he remains a favourite of mine.

There is a lot of bio information included culled form interviews and news pieces done over the course of his life. I found it really helps tell the tale of Vachon's life.

If anyone has any questions about what's included below, I'll be happy to try and answer them.

Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon: The Complete Works

The life and times in wrestling of Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon

Volume 1: The Early Years

1) Introduction (:45)
2) The Wrestling Roots of Mad Dog Vachon (A chronicle of Vachon’s early life and wrestling background) 4:05
3) Maurice Vachon vs. Larry Moquin (Montreal, early 50’s. Sourced from youtube so the VQ is chunky at times.) 11:12
4) Maurice Vachon vs. Zuma(5-12-57, Texas, clips) 3:12
5) From “Maurice” to “Mad Dog” (The story of how Vachon got his famous nickname in Portland, Oregon) 3:21
6) Mad Dog Vachon (AWA Champion) vs. Paul Caruso (AWA TV 1966) 3:18
7) Mad Dog Vachon (AWA Champion) vs. Danny Plechas (AWA TV 6-1-66) 5:07
8) Mad Dog and Butcher: World Tag Team Champions (5:32)
Stories include:
-The Birth of The Vachons as a tag team (Calgary 1959)
-Capturing the AWA Tag team title from Bruiser and Crusher (1969)
-Vachon Brothers Promo for a tag team title defense in Rockford, Ill (1970)
9) The Vachon Brothers (AWA Tag Team Champions) vs. Kenny Jay & Santiago Acosta (2/3 falls, AWA TV 1970) 12:03
10) The Vachon Brothers (AWA Tag Team Champions) vs. Hercules Cortez & Red Bastien (Chicago April 24, 1971, film clips) 1:21
11) “I lost almost all my blood”—The story of Mad Dog’s infamous cut on AWA TV during a brawl with The Crusher. Includes the clip from the Vachon Brothers match vs. Edouard Carpentier & Kirk on January 17, 1970) 4:00
12) “Return to Montreal, 1971”—The story of Mad Dog’s triumphant return to his home in Montreal as a wrestling Superstar. Includes:
-Mad Dog Vachon vs. Emile Dupree (Montreal, 1971, film clips) 6:00
-Mad Dog Vachon vs. “The Giant” Jean Ferre(Montreal, 1972) 10:51
-Edouard Carpentier (Grand Prix Champion) vs. Mad Dog Vachon (2/3 falls, Montreal, 1973) 12:54
-Mad Dog Vachon & Tokyo Joe vs. Bobby Bold Eagle & Billy Red Cloud (Grand Prix TV, 1974) 8:34
13) Three very rare film clips of Mad Dog Vachon wrestling in Grand Prix at Le Colisee de Quebec, between 1971 and 1973. Includes:
- Mad Dog Vachon vs Dale “Buddy” Roberts (1:20)
-Mad Dog Vachon vs. Jacques Rougeau Sr. (1:25)
- Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon vs. Edouard Carpentier & The Crusher (1/29/73) (3:00)

Volume 2: Mad Dog Around The World

1) The Vachons and The Torres Brothers (A Tale from Georgia in the 1960’s) (5:08)
Includes Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon vs. The Torres Brothers (ultra-rare film clips from February 3rd, 1967, in Georgia)
2) Chicago: “Playing the Heel” (6:55)
Includes the following clips:
-Mad Dog Vachon vs. Chris Taylor (January 17, 1974, Chicago, film clips)
-Mad Dog Vachon vs. Wilbur Snyder (July 17, 1971, Chicago, film clips)
3) New York: The Vachons at Madison Square Garden (2:45)
Includes the following clips:
-The Vachons vs. Lee Wong & Ben Ortiz (January 15, 1973, brief film clips)
-The Vachons vs. Louis Tillet & Curtis Iaukea (March 26, 1973, clips)
-Mad Dog Vachon vs. Thomas Marin (March 24, 1974, JIP)
4) Florida and Hawaii (10:51)
-Mad Dog Vachon & Dale Lewis vs. Jos & Paul Leduc (Florida, 1974 film)
-Mad Dog Vachon & Ripper Collins vs. The Samoans (Hawaii, 1977, film)
5) Japan (63:00)
-Mad Dog tells a Train story (1:49)
-Vachon vs. Teranishi (Highlights from 3-1-77)
-Mad Dog Vachon vs. Mighty Inoue (match highlights from 3/10/75, 4/10/75,
and 3/10/76)
-Mad Dog Vachon & Jack Clayborne vs. Great Kusatsu & Rusher Kimura
(4-9-75, Japan)
-Mad Dog Vachon vs, Rusher Kimura (match highlights from 3/25/77
and 3/26/77)
-Mad Dog Vachon & Gypsy Joe vs. Hamaguchi & Teranishi (3-10-77,
-Mad Dog Vachon vs. Gypsy Joe (March 1977 film)
-Mad Dog Vachon & Gypsy Joe vs. Mighty Inoue & Great Kusatsu
(March 27, 1977, film)

Volume 3: The Baron and The Mad Dog

A Brief history of the infamous tag team of Mad Dog Vachon and Baron Von Raschke.

1) “The Baron and The Mad Dog”—Raschke and Vachon talk about how they met, their time as a team up in Montreal, how Raschke got his character, and more. (3:35)
2) Mad Dog Vachon and Jos Leduc: TV confrontation from AWA TV 4-24-76. Includes highlights of Mad Dog Vachon vs. Peter Lee and interviews with Leduc, Raschke, and Vachon. (7:17)
3) Mad Dog Vachon/Baron Von Raschke/Ox Baker vs. Greg Gagne/Jim Brunzell/Wilbur Snyder (August 27, 1976, Chicago, film clips). Film is a little dark. (4:36)
4) Mad Dog Vachon & Baron Von Raschke vs. Billy Francis & The Crusher (January 7th, 1977, Chicago, film clips). (3:00)
5) “The Steel Cage”—Baron and Mad Dog tell the story of the time they were supposed to have a Cage match in Rimouski, Quebec against the Rougeaus. (2:50)
6) “Return of the Baron” (AWA, 1981) (22:06)
Raschke returns to the AWA as Mad Dog’s Assassin. Includes:
-End clips of John Studd and Jerry Blackwell injuring Mad Dog Vachon during a match in Minneapolis on January 25th, 1981
-An interview with the returning Baron, regarding a revenge match against John Studd (from AWA TV February 20th, 1981)
-Baron Von Raschke & Mad Dog Vachon vs. John Studd and Jerry Blackwell (Winnipeg, May 14th, 1981)
7) Mad Dog Vachon & Baron Von Raschke vs. Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie
(February 4th, 1982, Winnipeg, JIP) (9:15)
7) Mad Dog Vachon & Baron Von Raschke vs. Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie (March 13th, 1983, Raw Footage). The post-match insanity would set the scene for the co-main event for AWA Super Sunday in April of 1983. (16:27)

Volume 4: The War with Jerry Blackwell (1981-83)

Profiling Mad Dog Vachon’s most famous feud of the 1980’s.

1) Mad Dog Vachon & The Crusher vs. Jerry Blackwell & John Studd (January 25, 1981, Minneapolis, JIP). Includes pre-match interview with Vachon and Crusher. (7:05)
2) End clip of Nick Bockwinkel (AWA Champion) vs. Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie in a no-DQ match from Winnipeg (December 3rd, 1981). Mad Dog Vachon is the special referee. (2:50)
3) Mad Dog Vachon vs. Sheik Kaissie (January 7th, 1982, Winnipeg, JIP). This match was born out of the events of the Bock-Kaissie match. Blackwell had just formed an alliance with Kaissie at this point in time. (4:45)
4) Return of The Mad Dog: Vachon returns to the Twin Cities to save The High Flyers in their title match vs. Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie (news clip from May 23, 1982, in St. Paul). Includes a post-incident interview with Vachon conducted by Mean Gene Okerlund. Vachon had not appeared in the Twin Cities before this in 16 months. (2:18)
5) Mad Dog Vachon & Steve O vs. Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie (November 7th, 1982, St. Paul, JIP). Vachon was volunteering himself to everyone to get matches against Blackwell and Kaissie. (9:32)
6) Mad Dog Vachon & Jim Brunzell vs. Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie (November 25th, 1982, St. Paul, JIP). Vachon filled in for an injured Greg Gagne, who was injured on TV in an attack by Blackwell and Kaissie a few weeks previous. (7:30)
7) Mad Dog Vachon and Verne Gagne (22:10)
Mad Dog tries to get Verne out of retirement one more time to take on his hated rivals.
-Vachon commenting on teaming with Verne
-end clip of the Sheiks laying out Vachon, Gagne, and Raschke in St. Paul
on March 13th, 1983
-Interviews with Vachon asking Verne to come back one more time
-“The Goulet Incident”—Verne accepts Vachon’s offer on Denver TV
-Mad Dog Vachon & Verne Gagne vs. Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie
(AWA Super Sunday, April 24th, 1983). Includes post-match interviews.
8) Mad Dog Vachon and Jerry Blackwell: The Final Battle(19:36)
-“The Dog Shop” Pine Box Interview with Vachon and Okerlund
-Vachon interview on finally getting Blackwell in a one-on-one bout
-Mad Dog Vachon vs. Jerry Blackwell (Death Match, May 22nd, 1983, Bloomington, MN)

Volume 5: Mad Dog in the AWA (1974 – 1983)

Other notable AWA matches and angles with The Mad Dog.

1) Introduction: “I’ll chew on your bones” (1:00)

2) Mad Dog in a two-ring Battleroyal from Chicago (January 18th, 1974). (5:40)

3) “Mad Dog and Verne, Part 2” (10:30)
includes the following:
-- a rare news clip of Verne and Mad Dog vs. Kaissie and Blackwell from St. Paul, MN,
in a match they did several weeks before their Super Sunday show in 1983.
-- Mad Dog discusses meeting Verne Gagne for the first time
-- Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon (AWA Tag Champs) vs. Super Destroyer II and
Super Destroyer III (December 1, 1979, Chicago, silent film clips)
--Interview: Mad Dog Vachon and Verne Gagne (rare interview prior to their March
2nd, 1980 title defense against the East-West Connection in Minneapolis)
Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon (AWA Tag Champs) vs. Jesse Ventura & Adrian Adonis (March 2nd, 1980, Minneapolis, JIP)
--Mad Dog tells a story about Verne Gagne coming to Montreal

4) Mad Dog Vachon vs. Big John Studd (September 7th, 1980, Minneapolis) (10:00)

5) Mad Dog Vachon vs. Bobby Heenan (December 11th, 1980, Winnipeg). Includes pre-match interview clips with Bobby Heenan, Nick Bockwinkel, and Mad Dog Vachon. (10:00)

6) Mad Dog Vachon & Hulk Hogan vs. Ken Patera & Jesse Ventura (January 16th, 1983,
St. Paul.) Includes an interview with Vachon, Hogan, and Baron Von Raschke, plus an interview clip with Mean Gene Okerlund talking about Vachon’s use of psychology. (23:40)

7) “Mad Dog vs. The Sheiks” (13:00)
includes the following:
--Sheiks Patera & Blackwell (AWA Tag Champs) vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Dick the Bruiser (July 24, 1983, St. Paul, JIP)
--Sheiks Patera & Blackwell (AWA Tag Champs) vs. Dino Bravo & Steve O (August 28th, 1983, St. Paul, end clip. Mad Dog attacks the Sheiks)
--Sheiks Patera & Blackwell (AWA Tag Champs) vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Rick Martel(non-title, October 23, 1983, St. Paul, JIP)

8) BONUS:Mad Dog Vachon vs. Mr. Saito (2-2-84, Winnipeg).

9) Conclusion: A brief news clip from Minneapolis TV, aired in November 1983) (1:10)

Volume 6: “The Champ and The Mad Dog”

A brief history of Mad Dog Vachon and Nick Bockwinkel.

1) Introduction: “I need a low-down, sneaky, weasel…” (1:00)

2) Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon (AWA Tag Champs) vs. Nick Bockwinkel & Bobby Duncum (October 21, 1979, Minneapolis, JIP). No finish shown. (4:00)

3) Nick Bockwinkel talks about Mad Dog doing his introduction at the Iowa Wrestling HOF. (2:00)

4) Clips of Mad Dog winning the 1983 Fall Battleroyal in St. Paul, with a prize of a title shot against Nick Bockwinkel on the Thanksgiving card. (:35)

5) Nick Bockwinkel (AWA Champion) vs. Mad Dog Vachon (November 24, 1983, St. Paul, Raw Footage). (15:25)

6) “30 High Spots”: A Mad Dog story from Nick Bockwinkel (1:10)

7) Interview: Mad Dog Vachon and The Crusher (December 1983, Minneapolis TV.)Vachon brings in Crusher to be in his corner for his Christmas rematch with Bockwinkel, hoping to counter Bobby Heenan. (2:30)

7) Nick Bockwinkel (AWA Champion) vs. Mad Dog Vachon (December 25th, 1983, St. Paul). (13:00)
8) “Fallout”: The war between Vachon and Bockwinkel continues as 1984 begins. (25:00)
--several weeks of interviews with Bockwinkel, Heenan, Vachon, Crusher, and others leading towards a tag team showdown on Janaury 15th in St. Paul.
--Bockwinkel introduces his mystery partner—twice.
--Mad Dog Vachon & Crusher vs. Nick Bockwinkel and his “Mystery Partner” (January 15th, 1984, St. Paul).

9) “Wrestling’s Odd Couple”: How the one-night-only tag team of Nick Bockwinkel and Mad Dog Vachon came to be. (22:00)
--Mad Dog’s return to Winnipeg to second Rick Martel in a match against Boris Zurkov.
--Vachon wants revenge and announces Bockwinkel as his tag team partner.
--Several Nick Bockwinkel interviews on being in a tag team with Mad Dog Vachon.
--Mad Dog Vachon & Nick Bockwinkel vs. Boris Zurkov and Chris Markoff (October 17th, 1985, Winnipeg)
--Mad Dog tells a story about Nick Bockwinkel.

Volume 7: “The WWF, Retirement, and Beyond…”

1) Introduction (1:00)

2) Mad Dog Vachon leaves the AWA (4:00)
--includes an interview with Sheik Kaissie announcing Vachon as the opponent for Bruiser Brody on June 10th in St. Paul, and Raw footage of Vachon being kept from going to the ring by the police to face Brody that night (Vachon had informed Verne he had signed with the WWF before the show began).

3) A series of Mad Dog Vachon interviews conducted for WWF TV. Andre the Giant,Edouard Carpentier, and Billy Red Lyons all make appearances. (9:00)

4) Mad Dog Vachon vs. Lanny Kean (June 15th, 1984, St. Louis) Mad Dog’s WWF debut. (4:00)

5) Mad Dog Vachon vs. Steve Lombardi (June 16th, 1984, MSG New York). Vachon returns to New York. (6:55)

6) Mad Dog Vachon vs. Buddy Colt (June 17th, 1984, Bloomington, MN.) Mad Dog returns to the Twin Cities on the first WWF card in the area. (5:25)

7) Mad Dog Vachon vs. Moondog Rex (July 20th, 1984, St. Louis). The WWF’s “Battle of the Dogs”. (7:30)

8) Mad Dog Vachon vs. Rick McGraw (October 22nd, 1984, MSG New York). Includes a pre-match interview with Gorilla Monsoon. (7:30)

9) Mad Dog Vachon vs. Bob Markus (WWF Maple Leaf Wrestling, early 1985). (3:15)

10) An assortment of match clips from various local news shows featuring Mad Dog wrestling for the WWF in the Twin Cities in 1984-1985. Clips include:
-Hulk Hogan & Mad Dog Vachon vs. John Studd & George Steele (9-23-84)
-Mad Dog Vachon vs. George Steele (11-25-84)
-Patera/Studd vs. Andre/Mullligan (1/29/85, no DQ, Vachon special referee)
-Patera/Studd/Orndorff vs. Andre/Rocky Johnson/Mad Dog Vachon (2-24-85) (2:00)

11) “Brunch with Mad Dog”: Mad Dog’s own WWF Talk-spot. This aired in French WWF TV markets. These segments feature Andre the Giant, Luc Poirier, Tony Atlas, & Jesse Ventura. (8:00)

12) “Piper’s Pit” with Mad Dog Vachon (December 29, 1985 WWF TV). This is probably Mad Dog’s last WWF segment and appearance of consequence. Mad Dog was in a unique position at this point in his career as he was also working for the AWA in Winnipeg at the time. (2:15)

13) “The Retirement of Mad Dog Vachon”: Mad Dog hangs up his tights after one last match in Quebec. Includes:
--Brief discussions of Mad Dog deciding to retire
--The full entrance ceremony and in-ring presentations before Mad Dog’s last match, including gift presentations and a speech from Vachon.
--Mad Dog Vachon and Jos Leduc vs. Man Mountain Moore & Sheik Ali (October 13th, 1986, Trois Riveres Quebec).
--brief post-match press conference with Vachon in the dressing room.
--Mad Dog talks about “The Mad Dog Look”. (24:40)

14) “The Accident”: A review of the incident where Mad Dog lost his leg in 1987, and it’s aftermath. Includes discussions with Mad Dog and Butcher Vachon, Baron Von Raschke, Verne Gagne, former Canadian politician |Ed Broadbent, and Yvon Robert Jr. (4:00)

15) The Destroyer discusses the WWF “honouring” Mad Dog at a Pay-Per-View in 1996. Includes a clip of the end of the Diesel-Shawn Michaels match from the InYour House PPV in Omaha, NB on April 28, 1996, where Diesel steals Vachon’s artificial leg. (2:40)

16) The WWF Tribute to Mad Dog Vachon and The Crusher: From the WWF Over The Edge PPV on May 31, 1998, in Milwaukee, WI. Includes an in-ring visit from Jerry “The King” Lawler. (9:15)

17) Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon is inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame on March 27th, 2010. (9:00)

18) “Mad Dog Vachon’s ‘World of Chaos’” (1:10)

19) Video: “It’s Magic” (featuring clips of Mad Dog Vachon vs. Moondog Rex). (1:35)

Volume 8: “Miscellaneous”

1) Introduction (:59)

2) “Regarding Mad Dog”: Memories fro Friends and Co-workers
-Includes clips from the Legends Roundtable, an audio interview with Bill Watts,Sir Oliver Humperdink, and Sgt. Slaughter. (4:15)

3) Georgia Film Clips: Mad Dog Vachon vs. Freddie Blassie and a Silent clip of a Mad Dog TV interview, both from the 1960’s. (:40)

4) Some clips of a Q & A with Mad Dog at a Minneapolis Autograph session in 1999. (2:50)

5) Mad Dog Vachon & Gypsy Joe vs. Great Kusatsu & Mighty Inoue (3-27-77, Japan, JIP, Pro-shot version) (3:45)

6) Mad Dog Vachon vs, Gypsy Joe (3-25-77, Japan, JIP, Pro Shot Version) (2:50) (32)

7) A Commercial from ABC’s Wide World of Sports from 1974 promoting their showing of a Chris Taylor vs. Mad Dog Vachon match from Chicago.

8) “The Pampero Firpo Rib”, starring Pampero Firpo, Butcher Vachon, and Mad Dog Vachon. (5:30)

9) Some rare Mad Dog Vachon Interviews from 1980 – 1983.(18:25)

10) “The Mad Dog and The Weasel”—a story from Baron Von Raschke plus a clip of Bobby Heenan vs. Mad Dog Vachon from 11-7-80 in Minneapolis. (2:20)

11) “The Plane Story”—as told by Mad Dog Vachon, Nick Bockwinkel, Greg Gagne, Bobby Heenan, and Moose Morowski. (6:20)

12) Nick Bockwinkel (AWA Champion) vs. Mad Dog Vachon (11-24-83, St. Paul, JIP, Pro-shot version) (4:30)

13)Nick Bockwinkel (AWA Champion) vs. Mad Dog Vachon[b] (12-25-83, St. Paul, JIP, Raw Footage version) (6:40)

14) [b]BONUS: Vivian Vachon vs. Mars Monroe
(silent Film clips from Minneapolis, 1971) (5:50)
15) BONUS: Vivian Vachon sings a French country song (while a 45” record of the song plays on-screen) (2:15)
16) BONUS: TNT Presents The Wedding of Butcher Vachon. (30:45)
17) BONUS: Mad Dog Vachon: In Pictures and Song (featuring “The Mad Dog Song” with Mad Dog rapping(!) and a fan-made Mad Dog Slide show. (6:15)

Running Time of disc 8: 1 hour 45 minutes

Volume 9: “Mad Dog and the Media”

A Collection of news programs, profiles and clips featuring Mad Dog Vachon

1) A Mad Dog Vachon Profile done by the French CBC in 1967. The profile is in French, but the introduction is captioned in English. (13:25)
2) A Mad Dog Vachon profile done by KMSP TV in Minneapolis (broadcast 11-11-83). (2:31)
3) Canadian Newsmagazine “The Fifth Estate” profiles Mad Dog Vachon (circa 1985) 15:25
4) “Mad Dog’s Toughest Fight”, from Canadian Newsmagazine “The Journal” (1987) 13:15
5) The Movie Trailer for “Wrestling Queen” (3:30)
6) Several TV commercials starring Mad Dog Vachon. The Commercials are for Chicago Lake Liquor, “Schmockey Night in Canada” (a charity event in Winnipeg), Mad Dog’s Kids TV show where he played a Pirate, and three Labatt’s Beer Commercials. (2:45)
7) A French TV Talk show named “Droit de parole”, featuring Mad Dog Vachon, Edouard Carpentier, and many other French wrestling stars. The topic is “Does Wrestling Fascinate, Amuse, or Disgust you?”. This show is entirely in French. (58:00)
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Steve Yohe

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PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2013 4:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've watched the first two DVD & I got into it. The early Mad Dog reminded me of Blassie but he took bumps better. Thanks.--Yohe
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

RIP to the Mad Dog. An all-timer.
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Steve Yohe

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Today reminded me of taking to Beyer as he was playing cards with the Mad Dog at the CAC meeting four years ago. He didn't say a word. Just one of the guys.--Yohe
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I spoke with Aaron right after he sent this out. Verne Gagne vs. Mad Dog Vachon. The match is complete, from Montreal, circa 1972-73. I've been hunting for this for 15 years. So glad it exists even if I likely may not see it anytime soon.

It's a major grail for the AWA as there is no Verne vs. Mad Dog footage out there at all, except for this.

I knew it existed at some point since a clip was on Wrestling with the Past circa 2000.

Weiss' press release on the event is below.


TORONTO – March 16, 2015: Indy Sportz Film Fest Experience (ISFFE), a non-profit event, launches in April with sports celebrities, local and international films and community outreach.

The ISFFE takes place on Friday April 24, 2015 from 4 pm to 8 pm (Fan Experience, Alexandra Park Community Centre) and Saturday April 25, 2015 from 11 am to 11 pm (Screenings, Jackman Hall Theatre, Art Gallery of Ontario).

Classic Wrestling bouts will be screened at the Art Gallery of Ontario (Jackman Hall Theatre) on Saturday April 25th as part of Fight Time (1hr. 15 mins. in total) – boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts. Includes George Chuvalo: Never Knocked Down (32 mins.); Vintage Canadian Wrestling (30 mins.); hu.mans (10 mins.)

Three wrestling bouts will be shown: Verne Gagne vs. Mad Dog Vachon, Killer Kowalski vs Luis Martinez, and (clips) Whipper Billy Watson vs. Buddy Rogers.

The inaugural ISFFE features films from around the globe (narrative, documentary, shorts) which incorporates the theme of sports. This year’s films and sports themes are: The Fall League (USA) – Senior Softball; George Chuvalo: Never Knocked (Canada) - Boxing; Vintage Canadian Wrestling (Canada); In the Steppes of Ghenghis (Mongolia/USA) – Horse racing; The Silent Portrait of Michael Brannigan (USA) – Running; Prithipal Singh … A True Story ( India) – Field hockey; The Trailblazer: The Mychal Thompson Story (Bahamas) – Basketball; and De Pleintjes’ aka ANTWERP-The City Game (Belgium) – Soccer. The Youth Short Film Showcase is part of the screenings at the AGO. Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, partner of the ISFFE, will also be screening the George Chuvalo: Never Knocked documentary on April 25, 2015 in Calgary.

The Fan Experience is a unique aspect of the festival which allows tickets holders and people in the Alexandra Park Community to meet top sportspeople and take part in various activities. It features appearances by PACHI the official mascot of the TORONTO 2015 PanAm/Parapan Am Games; former UFC fighter and World Arm Wrestling champion, Gary Goodridge; former CFL player Mike 'Pinball' Clemons, the authors of Duck with the Puck, Quinn Oliver, 7, and his dad, Greg; and former wrestler Ricky Johnson (uncle of The Rock). The Fan Experience is affiliated with the IGNITE Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am program. The Festival also features 'The Roger Baker Photo Exhibit' that includes photos of George Chuvalo and Muhammad Ali. For more information, please visit

MMA Legend, Gary Goodridge who will be arm wrestling attendees at the Fan Experience said "This event is important because of its role in helping youth. If you believe, you can become it. See you on the arm wrestling table."

The festival is a non-profit event in partnership with the Alexandra Park Community Centre in Toronto. One of our primary components is community outreach expressed through the following: free workshops taught by undergraduate student mentors from Ryerson University’s Sport media program; exhibition of films created by disadvantaged youth; and free tickets to local community members and youth participants.

Tickets are now on sale online:

Ticket Prices (includes taxes):
- Day pass - for all Festival screenings on April 25 - $17.00 (includes Youth Short Film Showcase)
- VIP Pass - $22.50, each (includes Youth Short Film Showcase on April 25 and Fan Experience on April 24)
- Individual tickets - $8.00
April, 2015- Indy Sportz Film Fest Experience
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 5:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 5:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It'd be a lot cooler if I didn't live 16 hours away from Toronto! :)
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