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summer movies

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2007 5:57 pm    Post subject: summer movies Reply with quote

For all the hype and money in the bank sequels that have come out to this point this summer, it's been fairly underwhelming. Just wanted to give quick thoughts on what I've seen.

"Spider-Man 3": Pretty bad. I enjoyed the first two but this felt like they were trying to shove entirely too much into it's running time. It's not without it's big budget fun, but overall? Meh. Raimi takes the fun he had with a certain sequence in the second film and ends up taking it entirely too far in this one. At some point in both the disco walk and Buddy Love at the jazz club scenes, you actually start feeling embarrassed for all involved.

"Knocked Up": Probably the most enjoyable film I've seen thus far. Funny as hell. Judd Apatow continues his streak of success and the summer of Seth Rogan kicks off with a bang (He also scripted the upcoming "Superbad").

"Transformers": I enjoyed some the action sequences, most of the rest of it is pretty embarrassing. The humor is cutesy and lame (cast on a chihuahua? awww ... bleh) and the less said about the jive-talking black guy robot the better. Bay may actually be functionally retarded but I give him credit for shamelessly squeezing in the fake-titted, blonde hotties he prefers into every crowd shot. No doubt those fleeting seconds of screen time paid off handsomely for him in his trailer.

"1408": OK. Get's really ridiculous at points but overall, not that bad. I was legitimately scared a few times, then again, I'm kind of a pussy.

"Die Hard 4.0": That's what it's called overseas and frankly I'm a little buzzed right now and have no interest in visiting IMDB just to get it right. Ridiculous. Shoddy filmmaking, including at least once instance of mind-bogglingly bad ADR, yet for some reason, I didn't hate it as much as I know damn well should have. Oh well.

"Order of the Phoenix": I dug it. The "Potter" franchise has been getting progressively darker and this is where it seems to turn the corner and head that way full bore. Seemingly a who's who of British acting. Rickman doesn't get enough to do (never does) but he's great, as is Imelda Staunton who is truly hate-inspiring in the best possible sense. Some fun, wizardly action at the end.

"Sunshine": Didn't HATE it I guess, but it really did nothing for me. There are some interesting visuals and concepts but it's sorely lacking in charisma on the casting front. Someone should've told Danny Boyle that Cillian Murphy is the creepy guy, not the lead. Haven't seen "Wind That Shakes the Barley" yet, so my opinion on that could shift. Anyway, this goes off the rails big time near the end. Won't give any spoilers, but the last hour is pretty ridiculous.

"The Simpsons Movie": Didn't love it quite as much as I wanted to, but I did like it. Decent laugh quotient and I think fans will be largely satisfied. Definitely could've used more screen time for some of the side characters, particularly Monty Burns.

"Hot Rod": God help me, I did laugh. Sophomoric? Check. Inane story? Check. What the fuck is Sissy Spacek doing here? Check. But enough funny stuff around the edges from guys like Bill Hader, Chris Parnell and, in particular, Danny McBride. I'm probably giving this comedy too much credit as my expectations were in the sub-basement but whaddya gonna do? I've seen it once and I laughed out loud quite a bit.

"Bourne Ultimatum": Actually, maybe THIS is my favorite movie of the summer. Certainly the best action movie I've seen in a long long time. There were at least THREE separate set pieces that inspired the audience I saw it with to break into spontaneous applause at their conclusion. a) that's a lot. b) I was applauding right alongside them. Smart, visceral action and blessedly free of CGI, at least the obvious kind.

"Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer": Somewhat less craptastic than the first installment. Still monumentally craptastic.

"Ocean's Thirteen": An enjoyable enough diversion I guess. But like it's predecessors, instantly forgettable.
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