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"In typical WCW fashion, the big entrance is ruined when one side of the curtain fails to fall. I pile it on because I'm BIASED. Here's the last Konnan promo I'll transcribe this millennium: 'Ay yi yi! Where our dogs at, where they at? SHUT UP! Nobody asked you! All right, Misfits, you guys think you're some sort of infantry? You're rockin' the camoflauge? Everybody knows that the original soldiers is us with No Limit - we thought we told ya - (all) Hootie Hooo! That's right, that's right. Now I know WCW's made some bad investments like the Millionaire's Club, and these fools the Misfits, but we're gonna leave you laying worse then R&B Security, so come out here and get some - orale arriba la raza!' "

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