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"So, to recap, the defense hates Harrington, Roy Williams and Jeff Garcia hate each other, Roy Williams and Kevin Jones hate each other, Valery Giscard d'Estaing's nephew Patrick played in the state football finals at Ford Field over the weekend, Eddie Drummond and Kevin Jones are rumored to be dating the same WNBA player, the whole team hates Charles Rogers, Damien Woody misses Tom Brady, Charles Rogers and Shaun Rogers are rumored to be pursuing (unsuccessfully) the same WNBA player (not the same one as above), the entire team hates The Three Divas (Rogers and the Williamses), Marcus Pollard would give a billion dollars to be a Colt again, Kevin Jones hated Mooch... It's just a shame the Lions don't have cheerleaders."
Dave Hogg on the 2005 Detroit Lions

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