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"Yeah, Kenny's intro [to 'No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem'] is what was flashing through my mind when thinking of the baseball bat. Lordy, lordy... what a loser. How bad is Kenny? This weekend I happened to catch the 'Inside Fame: Garth Brooks' again. Kenny is sort of the heir to Garth. Kenny is so bad that you wish Garth would come out of retirement to kick the living shit out of No Talent and run him out of town like Howard Stern killing off the Philly Zoo Keeper. And I really, really, really don't like Garth. *That* is how bad No Talent is - you'd actually take Garth back just to get rid of Kenny. I'm telling you folks, that's stooping pretty dang low. :)"

"I'd even settle for Alabama or the Oak Ridge Boys taking out No Talent Chesney circa the Four Horsemen in 1986 on Ricky Morton with a section of cyclone fencing:"

"You wanna cry?? We never cried once when we were winning CMA Entertainer of the Year for three years straight! Teddy, Jeff, Mark... give this punk somethin' to cry about!"
Randy Owen

"MAKE IT GOOD! Ow! My nose!!"
No Talent Kenny Chesney

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