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"Jericho: 'So what you need to spice up this segment is a little action, you need a little excitement! You need a little entertainment, so I'm gonna help you, junior, and I'm gonna perform a special Y2J magic trick! I am gonna deftly grab this tablecloth, pull it off the table, leaving all of the silverware, all of the fine china, and all of the glassware untouched, unbroken, and most importantly, none of it will touch the mat In This here Very Ring. SO! If I can get from all of you Jerichoholics... if I - if I could get a drum roll (slaps thigh) I will astonish and amaze you.' Jericho goes to pull the cloth... then wraps up everything on the table in it and throws the bundle out to the floor. Regal gives us one of his classic facial expressions that I've really missed."

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