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"Tony DARES me to quote him one more time when he tells Shane 'Yeah, you're like every other mark on the Internet [that] thinks they can announce this thing.' You know, Tony, SINCE you brought it up...you fucking moron - when it comes to announcing, SCOTT HUDSON KICKS YOUR ASS. MIKE TENAY KICKS YOUR ASS. BOB FUCKING CAUDLE IS THIS CLOSE TO KICKING YOUR ASS. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... given the chance, there are about a half dozen people affiliated with this very site that, in their VERY FIRST night EVER on the job of being the lead announcer on Nitro, with NO experience whatsoever, and having NEVER sat in front of a live mic before, COULD KICK YOUR ASS. Shane Douglas, in ten seconds, validates me by announcing circles around Schiavone."

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