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"Edge & Christian stand in front of an exciting door! They wonder aloud why the Rock has his own dressing room and they (the two-time tag team champions) do not. Mick Foley happens by and asks how he can help. Christian notes that the Rock has his own dressing room, the Fac-gime has their own locker room. Foley: Who? Edge complains that the champs had to dress with the rest of the boys like cattle! Foley says HE never had his own locker room. Mick - you never changed your clothes! You just wrestled in what you're wearing. That's a good point... Look, being the newly appointed commissioner, this is so NOT cool SO! A needle pulling thread - heh heh, I loved that movie. Look, look - can you just get us our own locker room? Tell you what, I'll put my mind to it but these things must be done VERY DELICATELY - heh, Wizard of Oz, the castle scene... and he walks off. What the hell is he talking about? (offstage) I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too! Who hired this guy? I don't know!"

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