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Posted by Frank Jewett, on ETC Message Board
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"Why did the Pistons take that Serbian player instead of Carmelo Anthony? I know the Pistons are small, but this guy is no bruiser. The Pistons can't score and Carmelo can help out with that from day one."
Iron Chad

"The story often bandied about is that Prince already plays Carmelo's position. They need a center to offset Wallace's lack of scoring. Apparently Darko IS a bruiser and a scorer. Some say that he will be better than Lebron. Of course, now we are seeing the reports saying that Lebron has the court vision of Magic Johnson combined with athletic ability superior to MJ, Kobe, or TMac. As one commentator said, there is no way for Lebron to meet these expectations. If he leads the Cavs to 9 championships in 10 years, people will say, "what about that year they didn't win.""
Gus M

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