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"The music world is a large place. If you don't like a performer or a genre of music, the solution is simple, don't listen. Those who say they are innundated by music they don't like don't try hard enough. Listen to different radio stations. Or just listen to CDs instead. Do I like Norah Jones? No. I haven't really been impressed with her. But I've never liked female jazz vocalists and I prefer music a little harder. But I don't wish ill will on her (or NSync or Britney Spears or whoever is popular to hate these days)."
Gus M

"I tend to agree-- except when artists are really seem to be total assholes. Guys like Fred Durst, Modern Metallica, etc. I'm ok with folks who wish a little VH1 "what ever happened to?" on them."
Robert Lamb

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