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"In the dressing room, Triple H tells his wife how proud he is of his wife defeating Test in the middle of the ring Monday. Talk again turns to Angle as H says have Angle on his team was kinda like having two women on the team. And what's that supposed to mean. Well... nothing really, but you just know how... those... types of guys are. They're, I mean, they're not as good of athletes as *regular* guys. WHAT types of guys? You know... (hand motion)... Kurt, I mean - well I guess I really shouldn't say that because, you know, there's been other Olympic athletes... Greg Louganis was like that, and I mean... wasn't Carl Lewis like that too? Maybe those guys ARE decent athletes, I don't know. Ohhhh, he's talking about GOLD MEDALISTS (or gay guys). I have no idea... Kurt's not like that. Wow, flowers! The knock at the door is a delivery of a lovely bouquet. And there's a card! Congratulations on beating Test Monday night on RAW. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and I'm proud of you. Seeing you suceed brings me great joy. Love, your friend, Kurt. Kurt is so sweet! He's very sensitive. He's thoughtful! Those are really nice flowers. They are. They must have been out of PANSIES..."

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