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"[The 2003 Detroit Tigers] are probably the worst non-expansion team in at least 50 years. The season is half over, and they are on pace to go 38-124. They need to go 44-38 in the last 82 games to avoid 100 losses. There's no way they can do that. I don't even see a way they could go 34-48 and avoid 110 losses. They have seven wins at Comerica Park this year. The Cleveland Indians, who are not exactly a juggernaut, have five wins at Comerica Park this year. They've been swept 12 times already. They haven't won a home series since August. They have the same basic payroll as the Blue Jays and A's. The difference, of course, is that those teams aren't paying well over $30M to a all-but-retired cripple (Dean Palmer), their Triple-A closer (Matt Anderson), a player who has been waived by the Tigers *and* the D-Rays (Damion Easley) and The Building Block of the Franchise Who Is Hitting .235 with Five Homers (Bobby Higginson). I could go on, but it is bad enough I have to cover this mess. I don't need to spend extra time thinking about it."
Dave Hogg

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